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Sarah’s PGT Scholarship brought her and her son to a new city

Sarah, PGT Scholar

Sarah, PGT Scholar

Sarah tells us how her Postgraduate Taught Scholarship made the whole idea of postgraduate study a possibility. A full-time Mum, her and her young son are happily settled in Cardiff whilst she completes her MSc Operational Research in the School of Mathematics.

Can you tell us a little bit about the programme in your own words?

“The course is theoretically orientated with both compulsory and optional modules. We have guest lectures from the School of Business and School Mathematics. These have been helpful in building up my statistics & operational research knowledge.”

What did the Postgraduate Taught Scholarship mean to you?

“It means that I am able to study for a Masters degree. Without it, I wouldn’t have even been able to consider it.”

Have you been able to secure funding from other places, how else are you supporting your studies?

“I do some self-employed part-time work, and also have a Career Development Loan.”

What were your motivations for undertaking a postgraduate degree?

“I am hoping that I will be able to take my career in a totally new direction after completing the Masters. I am passionate about sport and would like to work in the field.”

Why did you decide to do your postgraduate degree at Cardiff?

“I had heard many good things about both Cardiff University and the city in General. I wanted to give my young son the experience of at least a year in a new environment with the opportunity to undertake new activities. It’s a great chance to meet similarly minded people as well!”

Is there anything about your postgraduate course that has stood out in your experience?

“The lecturers have gone out of their way to help me as I have come onto the course without a degree in Mathematics.”

What do you think of Cardiff as a place to live as a postgraduate?

“Cardiff is a great city! Lots to do and plenty of green parks and places to take children. I would definitely recommend it.”

How do you think your postgraduate course will contribute to your future career plans?

“I believe by the end of the MSc course I will have developed many new and valuable skills to add to my professional knowledge. I hope this will make me attractive to potential employers.”

What are your biggest achievements as a postgraduate student at Cardiff University so far?

“Re-entering higher education at masters level, submitting coursework, computer programming and sitting exams – all in addition to being a full-time Mum to my my small son!”

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