Student Profiles

My Cardiff Postgraduate Experience – Hasan, MSc Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose to study a postgraduate degree at Cardiff University?

There were various reasons for my decision, some of the distinguished reasons were the University’s prestige – existence for over 100 year – as the preeminent higher educational institution in Wales, one of the top ranked Business Schools (not just in the U.K. but globally), and finally, its facilities are state of the art and comprehensively designed for students’ convenience. Additional influencing factors were its career prospects, opportunities and wide range of Societies/Clubs, of which I am enjoying the benefits.

The course I am studying offers a combination of teaching patterns ranging from case-based, theoretical learning, to an interactive classroom environment with practical knowledge sharing sessions

How was your experience as a postgraduate at Cardiff University, in terms of the programme?

It involves series of guest speaker sessions, seminars, and virtual business simulations. In most of the modules we learn by applying our knowledge to real-life business situations. By the end of the course we are given an option to work with an organization to help them with their strategy planning & operations, or to work towards business planning and execution of a new venture; which gives us an opportunity to apply our MSc knowledge in a real-world environment.

I find the course extremely inspirational for I had a different mindset due to my experience with working for an FMCG prior to the degree. This degree has played a key role in triggering the entrepreneurial spirit within me. Modules like New Venture Creation, Venture Growth & Development, Innovation Management and Leadership & Personal Development are crucial to the degree since they act as building blocks for us to become future entrepreneurs or business leaders. The skills inculcated in us are essential for any business management professional working either in a start-up or a venture capitalist firm, or even an established firm.

How was your experience of living in Cardiff, in terms of the city, social life and accommodation, again specifically as a PG?

Cardiff is a great city! It offers everything one can ask for.  I am staying in uni halls and I don’t think it could get better, especially with Cardiff being extremely economical.  Socially there are also a huge number of things to do in Cardiff parks, historical places to more low-key events including outdoor cinemas and lots of fitness related events including Cardiff half marathon. There are so many opportunities within the city and places to explore that there is never a dull minute!

What was different about your postgraduate experience at Cardiff University compared to your previous degree?

This degree is much more challenging than an undergrad degree. I have experienced the classes as more of a knowledge sharing space rather than a traditional classroom. All the students come from various working environments and they add value to each lecture by sharing their personal experiences and industry knowledge. The degree is much more practical and helps us apply theory with its practical implications.

How did you fund your postgraduate degree?

My parents are funding most of the expenses occurred during the degree.

How do you think that your postgraduate degree is helping prepare you for the future – job aspirations, career development, future study, etc?

My undergrad degree was in Business administration and I wanted to learn something better focused and different from my previous degree. I wanted a better understanding about the modern entrepreneurial business environment catering to venture capital businesses and various incubators that are emerging.  I already possess full-time work experience and after this degree I believe there is always room for more development.

Additionally, through being in Cardiff, I have had a chance to work with the international office which gave me an additional international working exposure.