Funding your studies

Check out what our Postgraduate Ambassadors did to fund their studies at Cardiff Univeristy.

“Cost of living in Cardiff is far below other places in the UK but staying at home reduces my outgoings. I also applied for, and got accepted on, the Master’s Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship discounts my tuition payment by a half which is fantastic. I would strongly encourage everyone to apply for this scholarship.” David, MSc Data Science and Analytics
“I am funding my postgraduate study at Cardiff University through the Cardiff University Master’s Excellence Scholarship, and I have also received a scholarship from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. I would strongly advise prospective students to start looking at different funding options as early as possible as many scholarship organisations close their submissions fairly early in the year.  The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding was a hugely useful source of information and advice, and I recommend anyone looking for postgraduate funding to start their search there.” Heledd, MSc Social and Public Policy
“I was very lucky to receive the Master’s Excellence Scholarship from the University and it has alleviated a significant amount of financial pressure. I also applied for the government-backed postgraduate loan and the £10,000 from this really made a difference.” Linh, MSc International Economics, Banking and Finance
“I decided the best option for me was to try and get a part time job. I was able to successfully land a very well paid position as a project leader for exo-skeleton technology development. I would definitely recommend this procedure to any student having difficulties funding their studies. It’s a win-win situation, I can fund my studies as well as greatly improve my resume and develop my skills.” Pierre, MSc Structural Engineering