Inspiring Science Education Prize Draw


Teachers delivering lessons using the Inspiring Science Education online delivery environment are eligible to enter our prize draw. The prize is a FLIR One Personal Thermal Imager, a thermal camera that connects to either an iPad/iPhone or an Android tablet/phone. The winner will be announced in April 2016.

If you don’t win, remember that there are all of these rewards for teachers and schools as well!

Don’t forget to watch our screencasts to see what ISE has to offer you.

Eligibility requirements

  • All entries must be by a member of teacher staff in a UK primary school, secondary school, college or academy, in the state or private sector.
  • Only one entry to the prize draw is allowed per institution.
  • To use the ISE delivery environment you must be registered on the ISE portal.
  • Deliveries can take place at any time before 25th March 2016. Submission of photos will close on Friday 15th April 2016.

Entry process

1) Contact us on to let us know you wish to enter.

We can give you any additional guidance for delivering the lesson.

2) Deliver a lesson using the ISE delivery tool.

The lesson can be one of the pre-prepared demonstrators, a pre-existing lesson you have adapted to your own needs, or a lesson you have designed from scratch. For guidance on doing this, have a look at our Screencasts, or the ISE online help pages.

3) Tell us when you delivered the lesson

Email us ( to tell us the time and date, as well as the delivery link you used to deliver the lesson to your students.

4) Submit a photo of the lesson taking place.

You can upload your photos using this link, or by emailing them to Please include your school’s name and the date of the lesson in the filename. The photos are for verification purposes only and will not be made public without your express permission, but please adhere to your institution’s guidelines on photos of students.