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Poachers, Gamekeepers and all That

Well, I have been managing PALET with Georgia for about six/ seven weeks. Having spent a long time on the ‘outside’ of the project looking ‘in’ it has been a revelation to be on the ‘inside’ looking ‘around’ and ‘out’. I feel a bit like a poacher turned gamekeeper!  

Georgia and I are now deep in the process of scope ‘shaping’ and ‘refining’ with colleagues,  and process development in respect of the ‘approval’ element, the business case, and curriculum design.

Having moved from ‘approval management’ (AM) in the first half of the project to ‘programme management’ (PM) in the second half, we are working on module management and programme structures (all things that will come to fruition in 2011). We are also looking at the business case again, thinking our way through curriculum design (especially the tricky relationship between the formal process and informal support elements), and exploring how we could ‘fuse’ the two to simplify the process for academic schools and ‘ease’ the burden of support for the administrative directorates.

Now that I am getting on top of everything (thanks to Georgia!), we are starting to make progress on all fronts.

I was planning to do this as a video log but I can’t trust myself to not cough (after flu last week) in the middle of it. So, a shortened written entry for now and a promise that we will do regular video logs in 2011.

Trust you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.     


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