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The new Programme Approval Process: A Somali Pirate Speedboat…?????

Monday of last week, we held the all important workshop, at which participants worked towards designing the future state of the Programme Approval Process at Cardiff University. After a few ice-breakers, participants were asked to list the real-world constraints that could hinder a perfect process – for instance QAA/Professional body requirements, University culture and 28 different Schools. Constraints aside, participants were then asked to design a ‘ship’ to represent their aspirations of a new programme approval process for Cardiff University.   


Each group explained the reasoning behind their ship design. Common themes throughout the four ships were: Manoeverable, simple, advanced navigation system, streamlined, futureproofed, supportive crew, Ship captain keeping an eye on the horizon….

Two participants kindly offered (were coerced…!) to talk us through their ships – please view the below video:

Next, participants took the key messages from the "Art Attack" boat session, and started to develop a high level map of what the Programme Approval Process might look like in the future – using brown paper and post-it notes in true LEAN style! So, by the end of the workshop, we had an ‘aspirational’ high level map of what a new process would look like in an ideal world. Three more workshops are planned for November, at which participants will start to thrash out some of the detail, adding flesh to the bones of the high level aspirational map. As you can see – busy times aboard the good ship PALET – roll on Christmas 🙂


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