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“No CAMEL route is long, with good company” – Turkish Proverb

Last week, Cardiff played host to the third CAMEL meeting of Design Cluster B*. The meeting took place in the impressive Committee Rooms of the Glamorgan Building – people seemed very impressed – and perhaps more impressed that a scene from Dr Who was filmed in the ladies loo…!

The meeting began with a summary update from all visiting projects. This was followed by a ‘calzon quitao’ session, during which we (Andy and I) highlighted key challenges and difficulties that had arisen during the life of the PALET project and accepted constructive criticism, advice and support from other cluster projects.

The first workshop session of the Camel meeting was run by Katya Hosking, the Inclusive Curriculum Officer at Cardiff University, and focussed building inclusivity into curriculum design. The interactive session was well received and seemed to provide food for thought for many project teams. Feedback on the session was captured via twitter and included;

"E&D session gave genuine food for thought."

"Great session from on inclusive curriculum design at Cardiff"

"Rethinking notion of "disability" and inclusion in light of #dcb09 session this pm will include this as one of our principles for predict"

 Day one concluded with a picturesque, sunset boat trip around Cardiff Bay. (This sounds very peaceful and relaxing, but ended up involving a huge panic when Taffs Mead ferry port couldn’t be found…!) We continued discussions over dinner at Mimosa and came up with some great ideas for joint dissemination (*Watch this space!*).

 A 9am start on day two, and straight into another workshop session focussed on evaluation. Professor Peter Chatterton facilitated the session, at which we explored the different approaches projects were taking to evaluation. The meeting finished with further discussion of potential joint dissemination opportunities. And to round of a successful camel meeting, we found out that our proposal to run a symposium session at the SEDA Conference next year has been accepted.

Personally, as the host, I found it difficult to relax and enjoy the meeting at first – I was more concerned whether everyone else was enjoyed the sessions. Once I realised that everyone was engaging well with the inclusive curriculum workshop, I was able to enjoy the session myself. So, we’re looking forward to the next Camel Cluster meeting in March, at which we’ll experience sights and sounds of Greenwich…

* Cardiff University, Cambridge University, Birmingham City University, City University London, Greenwich University.

Sunset over Cardiff Bay


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