Project Blog Year 1 and 2

Progress and a Welsh Camel

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks following ALT-C with the PALET Project Management Team and PALET Project Steering Group meeting within one week of each other. Both meetings were good and reinforced to me the genuine senior level support and enthusiasm for the project – particularly now we’ve completed the baseline review of the current process and are moving into the design of the future. 

Programme Redesign 

The next stage of the PALET Project is for a new Programme Approval Process to be designed. As we are using a ‘participatory design’ model, we want the users of the process to lead in its design. An aspirational state workshop is scheduled for the start of November, during which colleagues from SONMS, two other Schools (TBC) and University Directorates will address the issues raised by the baseline report and focus upon what a new process would look like in an ideal world, with no constraints – what the LEAN team call ‘an aspirational state’.

Once completed, the aspirational state map will be used as the basis for a further series of consultative workshops with all other Schools during November, during which academic and administrative staff from all Schools will build upon this to design the ‘future state’ of the process. The PALET Project Team will consider the outcomes of the workshops and produce a visual representation of a possible ‘Future State’, that will be presented to ASQC for consideration in January 2010.

Programme Information Templates 

A workshop was held last month, with representatives from a number of schools to work towards redesigning the templates used to gather programme information. Since then, we’ve reviewed the outcomes of this workshop and come up with a redesigned programme specification template and module description template. We have attempted to design the templates and associated guidance, to encourage people to write the information for a student audience. Whilst we’re aware that further programme related information will need to be collected throughout the programme approval process (for the purposes of validation, populating other fields in SIMS etc.), the two templates have been structured to capture programme and module related information that would be of interest to the student. The new templates will be submitted to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee for approval at the end of October.

Andy and I are attending the JISC ‘Designing for Delivery and Delivering the Design’ Programme Meeting in Manchester next Tuesday/Wednesday (will Manchester have even more to answer for…??!). This is a cross programme meeting to provide an opportunity from the Design and Delivery programmes to network and identify synergies. I’m absolutely sure that they’ll be more tweeting than talking – the twitter tag is #jisccdd for those of you who are interested to follow.

We’re also preparing to host the next Cluster CAMEL meeting here at Cardiff, where we’ll be focussing on themes such as Equality and Diversity and Project Evaluation. I’m looking forward to it… but finding it hard to visualise what a Welsh Camel might look like…