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Programme Info Update and a conference at the Rovers Return

Is it me, or do four day weeks feel even longer?! Anyway, this
week, we have spent some time looking at the information gathered at the ‘Programme
Information Workshop’ that took place last Monday. The participants of the
workshop were split into four groups to represent four key audiences of the
programme specification and the module descriptions:

  1. Prospective
  2. Entrant/New
  3. Graduate
  4. Employer/Professional

Following this, the four groups reconvened and started to
identify which bits of information about a programme, should be found within
the programme specification and module descriptions. The information gathered
at the workshop will be looked at further next week and eventually, and
hopefully, very soon, new templates will be developed. These will then be
circulated for comment, so watch your inboxes…

In project dissemination news… Andy and I are off to the ALT
Conference in Manchester next week where we are
presenting at two symposium sessions. The first session is titled ‘Herding
cats? Engaging stakeholders in complex institutional change projects’, and is
being run by the five institutions in Design Cluster B (Cardiff,
Cambridge, Birmingham
City, City
University, Greenwich). The second session is titled, ‘Curriculum
challenges: ‘big words that make us so unhappy’’ – it’s a session looking at
both Curriculum Design and Delivery Programmes, which will try to identify the outcomes/dissemination
that the community wants around these themes.



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