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PALET, So, is it art?

 I’m well aware that our chosen acronym is not a real word (in either English or Welsh), and I’ve always pronounced it as ‘pallet’, which brought to mind the wooden crates (which I spent two miserable summer’s stacking boxes of wine onto).  Georgia, however, has adopted the artist’s palette as the logo for the project.  Much more refined.  An artist's palette

I’ve now learned that this ‘art’ analogy is to be extended, as Georgia, Simon and I are to be caricatured by Picasso Griffiths, as part of Cardiff’s Positive Health and Environment Week (PHEW), the resulting pictures providing us with images that will be used as avatars for the project.  The outcomes will be posted here first.

As for the project itself, I think good progress is being made with the collection of baseline data and process review, and more staff across the University have become aware of the project.  We are also all keeping fit, not least the consequence of having to carry documentation for a new programme that weighed in at over 4.3 kilos.  (Is this another quantitative data source to record as baseline data?).  We are also due to attend the Programme meeting in Birmingham tomorrow.  It will be good to catch up and share experiences with others.  I hope it proves useful, reflections will be posted here.



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