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Always plan ahead… It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark…

So it’s April 2009 – six months after the PALET project began. The last few months have been primarily devoted to project PLANNING – developing a detailed project plan, a communications plan and an evaluation strategy. The final drafts of all of the project planning documentation will be submitted to the JISC on 30 April 2009.

Members of the project team have also been busy attending various events and workshops. Andy Lloyd (Project Manager), Simon Bleasdale (Technical lead) and I attended a CAMEL Cluster Group meeting back in February this year. This was a 2 day session with colleagues from Cambridge University, Birmingham City University, City University and Greenwich University, that focussed on successful stakeholder engagement. Sheila McNeill from JISC-CETIS ran a session on the use of twitter as a tool to engage stakeholders. We are trialling the use of twitter by using it to communicate with other members of the CAMEL cluster group using #dcb09.


 Image: CAMEL Cluster Group Meeting February 2009


Andy, Sarah Carpenter (e-Learning Change Champion) attended the JISC Conference in Edinburgh. I attended an interesting session on Green ICT and the Learner Experience of e-Learning and found the conference provided good networking opportunities.

Andy and I attended the E for Enhancement Conference that took place on 2 April at Cardiff University. We presented a poster on the PALET Project, which generated a good amount of interest and attendees were keen to see how the project progresses in future years.

We’re now looking forward to the coming months: process review, gathering futher baseline data, CAMEL cluster meeting in Cambridge, Programme meeting in Birmingham….






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