Year 2/5 Conference Thrive and survive

Monday 22/02/2016

Thrive and Survive – Session 2

During our year 2/5 conference second year students were tasked with evaluating some situations that are similar to what they might be faced with in the future.

  • Do I need ethics?
  • I will kill you….
  • Evaluating and dealing with possible threat
  • Can I have all your data, please?
  • Seniors altering your data.

Although some of the topics sound quite shocking they all addressed important aspects of their future as medical students.

The discussion was informal yet enthusiastic. The “I will kill you” scenario was particularly nuanced and as a result offered some excellent dialogue. The difficulty in negotiating difficult social/group interactions buttressed the conversation, with year 2s highlighting the importance of reacting appropriately, and the possible consequences of over or underreacting.

The social media aspect of the scenario was especially relevant to the year 2 students, especially as the content of their I-phones seemed more important than the discussions. Year 2 students found it useful to discuss issues relating to ethics and social media in an informal setting with their year 5 peers. They were keen to listen to the more experienced students past knowledge and experience to gain a better understanding on how to approach the veritable minefield that is social media i.e. change your name on Facebook. However, writing suggestions for improvement on cut out ‘leaves’, which were later attached to a paper ‘tree’ was controversial.

With 30 minutes of the session remaining the year 2s happily took the opportunity to pick the brain of the year 5s, at their own risk.  Most questions were about clinical placements. Whilst the final year students weren’t completely versed in regular placement attendance, they were more than happy to offer any tips and tricks that they had picked up along the way to extract the most out of placements i.e. careful use of the D and V excuse and tips for an early sign-off.

Many year 2s actually found this aspect of the session the most useful, as it allowed them to address specific concerns. If anything they would have preferred more specifically allocated time to allow them to ask broader questions about the rest of medical school.


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