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Upcoming blog post series – Women in supply chain – watch this space

Panalpina, 2019
Panalpina, 2019

Blog post author: Katy Huckle (PARC Co-ordinator)

Studies have repeatedly shown us that increasing diversity is one of the main sources of innovation and generation of new ideas. A diverse team will think outside the box, challenge one another, and come up with new solutions.

Logistics has historically been a very male-dominated industry, especially when it came to warehousing and operations. But times are changing and we now see more and more women stepping into roles both inside the warehouse and at management level.

Over the next several months we will be conducting a series of interviews with prominent women in logistics and supply chain, both in industry and academia, to highlight increasing diversity.

The goal of this series is to celebrate the contribution of women to innovation in supply chain and to highlight how the industry is progressing towards an equal and fair place of work for all.


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