Westlaw UK – recent enhancements

Case Analysis documents on Westlaw UK have been enhanced by the following additions:

  • Summary – a concise summary of the facts of the case.
  • Related Cases – a list of other cases heard between the same parties, but on different points of law or before supra-national courts.
  • All Cases Cited and Key Cases Citing – a list of all the cases that have been cited by the case you are viewing and a list of all the key cases which cite your case and are considered to be significant.
  • Commentary – links to specific sections of books on Westlaw UK to which Cardiff University subscribes (such as Archbold and the The White Book ), which cite the case.
  • Tabular View – information displayed in tables some of which can be sorted to suit your requirements.
  • Graphical History – for cases with a complex history, this display enables users to view the litigation histories as flow charts.

For an example of a Case Analysis document which has these enhancements, see: Crehan v Inntrepreneur Pub Co (CPC) [2006] UKHL 38

Westlaw UK have also introduced new icons so that you can see the status of a case. These will appear next to the search results, within a law report’s table of contents and at the top of the case document. Further details on these case icons can be found in Cardiff University’s Westlaw UK guide


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