Meetings schedule

Programme: Autumn 2018

All meetings will take place in the John Percival Building at Cardiff University (Room 3.66) at 4.30 – 5.30pm (with optional discussion continuing for those who are able to stay, until 6pm).

Details of later sessions will be discussed and agreed at our first session of the year on 24th October.

Date (all 2018) Topic/Title Session leader
24th October Why ethnography? Introducing linguistic ethnography Judith Reynolds and Piotr Wegorowski (both Cardiff University)
7th November TBC TBC
21st November TBC TBC
5th December TBC TBC


Details of past LEDS programmes below – for inspiration and ideas!

Programme: Spring 2016

Date (all 2016) Topic/Title Session leader
3rd February Online ethnography Matteo Fabbretti (Cardiff University)
9th March “Ethnographic aspects of job interview research: taking things further”. Celia Roberts (King’s College London)
 27th March Team ethnography Frances Rock (Cardiff University)


Programme: Autumn 2015

Date (all 2015) Topic/Title Session leader
14th October Introducing Linguistic Ethnography: Language and the ‘Real World’  Jaspal Singh and Piotr Węgorowski (Cardiff University)
11th November How to get involved in a research site without becoming distracted Amal Hallak (Cardiff University)
9th December Fieldnotes in linguistic ethnography Zayneb Al-Bundawi (Cardiff University)


Possible further topics for discussion

The topics below were suggested during LEDS discussions in 2015 – perhaps you would like a session to focus on one of these topics or a related topic?   Contact Judith or Piotr with any ideas or suggestions.

  • Fieldnotes in LE research
  • Spoken naturally occurring data in LE research
  • Written naturally occurring data in LE research
  • Focus groups in LE research
  • Linguistic landscaping in LE research
  • Ethnography as performance/enactment
  • “Muddling/muddying up” the data
  • How to get involved in a research site without becoming distracted
  • Novel methods in LE
  • Relationships between Action Research and Linguistic Ethnography
  • Something else… please feel free to suggest a topic that interests you

Programme: Spring 2015

Date (all 2015) Topic/Title Session leader
28th January Transcription Piotr Węgorowski (Cardiff University)
18th February Issues in data collection from a literacy studies perspective Rachel Stubley (University of South Wales and Lancaster University)
11th March Gifts and gratitude: What can we ‘give’ to our research participants? Jaspal Singh (Cardiff University)
1st April My first year as a linguistic ethnographer Amal Hallak (Cardiff University)
22nd April Achieving a balance between linguistic and ethnographic data / findings: Is this desirable or needed? Helen Watts (University of the West of England)
13th May Negotiating professional identities in Syrian internship workplaces: Access, learning and evaluation Maryam Almohammad (The University of Bristol)
10th June Linguistic Ethnography going online: challenges and opportunities Teresa Spillioti (Cardiff University)



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