Month: January 2015

Banks, beehives and cooking pots: the Templars’ estates in Norfolk and Suffolk

Posted on 20th January 2015 by

When King Edward II’s officials arrested the Templars early in January 1308, they did not find any Templars in Norfolk and Suffolk. The Templars owned a number of manors in these two East Anglian counties, at Gislingham, Togrind, Dunwich and Dingle in Suffolk, and Haddiscoe in Norfolk. They also had property at locations named in the accounts as Wratting
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Templar almshouse at Gislingham in Suffolk

Posted on 9th January 2015 by

Although the records from the Templars’ estates in 1308 to 1313 indicate that the brothers gave regular aid to the poor, it’s very difficult to identify buildings associated with this almsgiving. However, the inventory from Gislingham in Suffolk mentions an almshouse — although it was in a very poor state of repair. For a photo
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Reproduction of old articles on the Templars and Hospitallers

Posted on 8th January 2015 by

Earlier this week I put on to some of my early papers from the international ‘Military Orders’ conferences at St John’s Gate in London: ‘Knights and Lovers’  (from the 1992 conference); ‘Before William of Tyre‘ (from the 1996 conference); and ‘The Hospitallers and the “Peasants’ Revolt” of 1381 revisited‘ (from 2000). All of these have been
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