New Publication: ‘Governing Through Garbage-City Tourism: Producing International Neoliberal Subjects’

Posted on 9th February 2015 by

Our very own Elisa Wynne-Hughes has recently published an article in the journal, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. The article can be found here but in the meantime, the abstract for the article is below: “In this essay I examine ‘ethical’ western tourism in Garbage-City, Cairo, to demonstrate how contemporary international governance works through everyday practices
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Homeland Security, its Law, and its State – a Design of Power for the 21st Century

Posted on 12th January 2015 by

Homeland Security, its Law, and its State – a Design of Power for the 21st Century  (Routledge, 2014) Christos Boukalas Law and Society fellow, Cardiff School of Law and Politics This book assesses the impact of post-9/11 domestic counterterrorism policy on US political life. It examines political discourse, law, institutional architecture, and state-population relations, and
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Understanding the Practice Turn in International Relations

Posted on 31st December 2014 by

As in other branches of social science, practice theory is increasingly becoming a perspective developed to provide alternative accounts of social and political processes. What are the main approaches of practice theory useful in International Relations? What costs and benefits come along with these? And how can one translate practice theory into actual research projects?
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