What To Do This Summer!

Posted on 15 July 2018 by Gee

There are some days amidst the revision, exams and assessments that we cannot wait another minute for summer to come. We crave the lay ins, the lazy days, the sunshine and lemonade! When it finally comes, it is oh so sweet. But only for maybe a week or two. As summer can be so long
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7 Ways To Spend Your Uni Holidays

Posted on 3 April 2018 by Ellie

Uni summer holidays are definitely something to treasure. With some people getting up to four months off, how will you spend yours? Volunteer There’s nothing more challenging and exciting than spending your summer giving back to the wider community. Being in the sun potentially half way across the world, plus having something to add to
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Summer's almost over..

Posted on 31 August 2014 by Elli

… And I am ready to go back to Cardiff. Almost. I mean, I haven’t packed and I am still enjoying the sitting round in my pyjamas that seems to become the norm near the end of summer, but things are starting to happen. Such as, organising the meeting with the letting agent to get
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Of Weather and Sewing

Posted on 28 July 2014 by Elli

Having spent the last few weeks sweating buckets between brief respites in the form of intensely huge thunderstorms, I find myself quite disappointed that I might have to wear a hoodie later as it is already fairly chilly. As a British native, I feel like we, as a country, are very under-prepared for whatever weather
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Of Work, Art, and a little Biophysics

Posted on 22 July 2014 by Elli

Once you’ve walked into the main entrance of Addenbrooke’s Hospital and to the left of the turning out of the main concourse towards “All Wards and Departments” there is a mural by Quentin Blake, the artist well known for the illustrations of Roald Dahl’s story collection and David Walliams weird books. (Roald Dahl is a particularly good
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