Video Blog – Toby talks Student Media

Posted on 27 February 2015 by Toby

If you’re a Cardiff University student, it’s likely that you’ll have seen copies of Gair Rhydd and Quench magazine around campus. I’d argue that you’re just as likely to have listened to Xpress Radio while you’ve been rushing through the Union to get your lectures on time. The point I’m making is that student media
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Student Elections

Posted on 15 February 2015 by Vicky

I’m on a bit of an election hype at the moment considering my last post was on the General Election! But with a week until student elections begin, what should you know about it? Well, for a start you vote for 7 full-time officer roles, and 9 part-time officer roles. Full-time positions are SU President,
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First year as an optom student

Posted on 15 February 2015 by Iain

Time to cast my memory back two years ago to give an idea of what first year is like studying optometry. There is now a preliminary year, called Year 0, for those on 4 year course, but I didn’t do it and only started last year so can’t tell you personal experience of it. It
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A Week in the Life of C21

Posted on 31 January 2015 by Lucy

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying yourselves now that you are back at uni and that you’re hopefully exam free! It doesn’t really feel like I’ve just come back at all, as I actually started second term back on the 5th of January and since then have completed two more cases (only
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Video Blog – Toby talks Annual Events

Posted on 25 January 2015 by Toby

Where does the time go? It only feels like yesterday that I was looking forward to Christmas dinner, and now I’m sitting at my laptop – a month into the New Year – getting ready for lectures to start again after a hectic exam period. Hey, only eleven months and we can do it all
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Prysurdeb tra’n Astudio yn y Brifysgol

Posted on 30 November 2014 by Steffan

Fe ddaeth hi’n Wythnos 10! Mae’n anodd coelio cyn lleied o amser sydd ar ol o’r tymor hwn. Mewn dim bydd pawb yn mynd am adref ac yn ymbaratoi ar gyfer arholiadau a phrofion ac amrywiol asesiadau sydd i’w cyflwyno ar y ôl y Nadolig. Mae’n rhaid cyfaddef nad ydw i wedi cael llawer o
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Y Manteision o Astudio Cymraeg yn y Brifysgol

Posted on 12 November 2014 by Steffan

Gan ei bod hi bellach yn dod yn amser penderfynu ar opsiynau prifysgol a’r math o gwrs yr ydych am ei ddilyn, dwi am gymryd y cyfle yma i son ychydig am y cyfleoedd a’r manteision sy’n deillio o ganlyniad i astudio’n Gymraeg ym mhrifysgolion Cymru, ac yn benodol felly ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd. Wrth wneud
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