Student Life

Study space ideas

Posted on 24 Hydref 2020 by Jess

I thought I would write about study space ideas, because especially during this time when most lectures are virtual, I find it important to have a study space I feel motivated to work in. Here are some study space ideas:  Wall Planner I have a big wall planner pinned up on my pinboard next to
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Getting Involved at University whilst Remote Studying

Posted on 9 Hydref 2020 by Zoe

The social aspect is one of the best things about going to university, but with a pandemic still amongst us, this academic year is going to look very different. Lectures are being taught online where they can, and small group teaching is happening on campus. It can be a very isolating time for most students; however, you
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Making the Jump from First Year to Second Year

Posted on 1 Hydref 2020 by Ellie

Making that often anxiously anticipated jump from a fresher to a second year is a fairly big moment in any student’s life. However, despite it being the first time that your work fully counts towards your final degree grade, it is not something to lose sleep over! Here are some of the main differences between
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Liberty House Interviews

Posted on 20 Medi 2020 by Rowenna

Liberty house, also known as Clodien house is perfect for medical students as it is so close to the Heath campus. It also is reallyclose to Heath park which is a lovely green open space with a beautiful lake and a rose garden. To learn more about what it was like to live in these halls I interviewed Zandrea and
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Creating a Balanced Lifestyle whilst Learning Online

Posted on 19 Medi 2020 by Ellie

Learning online has a ton of advantages with attending lectures in your pyjamas being just one of them. However, as we all begin to navigate this crazy new world we are finding ourselves in, the necessity of taking care of our mental wellbeing in the form of a balanced lifestyle is as important as ever.
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My university experience!

Posted on 18 Medi 2020 by Devika

Hello! Bonjour! I am Devika and am here to share my experience of studying in the Cardiff University. I am from Kerala, India, (you can google it later) and am studying BA media, journalism and culture at the Cardiff university. I just completed my first year at the university and trust me when I say,
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Books to help you survive university

Posted on 16 Medi 2020 by Jess

I have found so many books useful whilst at university, and wanted to inform prospective students about these.  One main factor of moving away from home is cooking. There are so many different student cook books available. I have brought so many different ones, although before buying these I would have a look in them
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