Rocking out in Budapest!

Posted on 12 March 2013 by Freya

Hi everyone, As I warned you all last week, I’m a little late with my posting this week as I spent the weekend over in Budapest where I was in no fit state to write you all a blog! What can I tell you about Budapest other than it is an incredible city?! There is
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Elections, Dissertation and Budapest!

Posted on 3 March 2013 by Freya

Hey all, I can’t believe another week has flown by and I’m writing to you all again so soon! So as I told you last week, elections are the biggest and most talked about thing going on at the moment. The candidates are being revealed tonight at a launch party hosted by the union, and
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China is on the horizon

Posted on 10 February 2013 by Freya

Hey all, this week has been absolutely crazy as expected as it’s been the first week back since Christmas that everything has truly started back up again, but I’ve managed to find an hour today to tell you all about it. So at the end of last week I got an email from the University
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''Table'', women and..tables!

Posted on 3 February 2013 by Freya

Hey peeps, how are you all? This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about the new subjects I’ve started studying as the new term has officially started, as well as fill you on the crazy outfits I mentioned last week. So right now it’s the end of ‘week one’ and as I’m
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Dress code: ridiculous!

Posted on 27 January 2013 by Freya

Greetings everyone. Hope you’re all well and haven’t frozen to death in the constant snow that we’ve been having recently. This past week has been a bit weird as it’s been the run up to exams, and for some people, the submission date of early dissertations and essays. My exam went ok, it could have
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The lull before the storm…

Posted on 20 January 2013 by Freya

Hello from Cardiff..after almost a month at home celebrating Christmas, savouring the wonderful home-cooked food, basking in central heating and seeing home friends, I’m now back in Cardiff preparing to embark on my final semester here! As I told you all last week, it’s all gone by so fast, but there’s a certain shared vibe that people
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Posted on 18 January 2013 by Lewys

Howdy Followers, Since the heavy snowfall of the 2010 winter we have only had a few light dustings  of snow here in South Wales, so yesterday when Derek (the Welsh weatherman) was forecasting up to a foot of snow to fall over night, I was more exited than a kid on Christmas eve. And that
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Christmas Antics

Posted on 2 January 2013 by Lewys

Good day every one . Happy New Year or as we say in Wales Blwyddyn Newydd Da to you all. I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and rang the New Year in Style. I though I would use this post to let you know what I have been up to over
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Work hard, play harder

Posted on 2 December 2012 by Freya

Hello again, Now that the hype of the last two weeks is over, this week I’m going to tell you a few things about work experience, netball matches, and keeping up with the workload. As I mentioned last week, I work one day a week in the university’s Public Relations office, gaining some work experience
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