Money Saving

Posted on 25 January 2016 by Hope

Very sorry for the late blog again! I was trying to focus on revision, now that it’s out of the way for another semester I thought I’d talk about another stressful topic. Money. I was thinking about how I managed to stretch my student loan and I thought I would give you guys some tips
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Pleasure in the job

Posted on 15 December 2015 by Katie

The first term has drawn to an end, and although it doesn’t feel like it we are midway through the academic year. I think that everyone is glad of a break to spend time with family, friends and some cheesy Christmas telly! I’m sure that after the stress of exams and coursework, polishing off your
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Video Blog – Saving Money: 8 Solid Tips

Posted on 30 October 2015 by Toby

Everyone knows that living off a student loan can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be a problem if you discipline yourself and take a few of these tips on board. Hope everyone’s enjoying the Autumn semester so far – even though the evenings have now become incredibly, incredibly dark. Until next time!
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Happy New Year!

Posted on 2 January 2015 by Nina

I know a lot of people who are cynical about New Years Resolutions, with good reason. It’s usually just promising unrealistic things which are forgotten about by the second week of January, and I’ll freely admit that I’m guilty of that… But there’s something about having a whole fresh year to do things with that
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To placement, or not to placement?

Posted on 26 November 2014 by Nina

So I know UCAS time will have passed for many of you but some may still be making decisions about whether or not to go to uni. If you’ve got the option to do a placement year maybe you’re mulling it over… I’m here to give you some reasons why YES – you definitely should!
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Bills, bills, bills

Posted on 11 October 2014 by Elli

The arrival of post is always exciting. I hardly ever got post at home, and since a lot of communication is now via e-mail or text, post is a rare occurrence. Or, at least it was, until I started renting a house. Now, we get lots of post. We get bills. As a house. Every
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The ups and downs of technology

Posted on 4 September 2014 by Iain

Anyone who knows me soon learns that I am a big fan of technology, particularly mobile phones but also dabble with tablets, a bit of computers, wearables and almost anything else I can get my hands on. Most of this is done in my spare time, what little I have, but it also has its
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Summer research projects

Posted on 11 August 2014 by Iain

Summer research projects are undertaken by some optometry students between second and third year to help gain an insight into research ready for third year projects. It also helps them to see if a PhD or Masters would be something they would be interested in after completion of their pre-reg year. The projects are supervised
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Life is one big job interview

Posted on 30 June 2014 by Jess

So you thought uni was the one time in your life to escape the clutches of employment? How wrong you were! In this day and age most students will work at some point during their degree, whether that be part time in the SU during term time to fund their nights out, or doing full
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Zeijiang University, Ni Hao!

Posted on 24 June 2014 by Ben

My study China adventure begins finally when i arrive in Hangzhou, after my short travels across Wuhan and Beijing I take up camp in my new student digs at Zeijiang University. I made it into Hangzhou station by 9pm but turns out Hangzhou is a lot busier than I was used to and so getting
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