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Mayday, Blog!

Posted on 2 May 2013 by Matthew

Hello everyone! These past few weeks have been epic. Imagine this; You’ve just arrived in Cardiff station. You’re carrying a very heavy rucksack and a guitar case, and set off on the 20 minutes walk back home. You arrive back at your flat tired but relieved and struggle up the 2 flights of stairs to
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An Engineer's Easter – Holiday edition

Posted on 6 April 2013 by Matthew

So to start off this Easter holiday, a few friends and I went down into the Taff on Thursday night to celebrate another term’s hard (half) term’s work coming to a conclusion. Seeing as it was drawing near to a holiday period and after the Taff had bought in a huge supply of Guinness for
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Christmas Hols

Posted on 5 January 2013 by Matthew

Hi everyone, I am currently enjoying my Christmas holidays! Sorry for not posting sooner, but the last few weeks have been hectic! The weekend before we broke up, there was a BUCS competition for the clay pigeon team. We drove all the way to a place near Telford. I managed to shoot a total of
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The Dreaded Long Lab Report

Posted on 5 November 2012 by Matthew

Wow, It’s been a very busy week this week! It started off as usual, with Monday and Tuesday being the same as always: an hour in the morning followed by PDP (Professional Development Planning) and then double maths. I’ve taken to buying a coffee from the student union shop before the last lecture as it’s
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Home Visit

Posted on 25 October 2012 by Matthew

Hello all, I’ve recently come back from spending the weekend with my family back in the Brecon beacons. After on friday, I rushed home quickly to pack at 4:30 to catch the train at 5:35 from Cardiff Central. I spent longer than I should packing and left the house at 5:10 and had to run all
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Thursday Night Pub Quiz

Posted on 12 October 2012 by Matthew

Last night  Josh, Josh’s flat mate Will and I all went to the “never mind the pub quiz” in the Taff. It was a great laugh with the entrance being the pub quiz tradition: £1. When I arrived there at about 8pm, however, the place was absolutely packed! The Queue for the bar was at least 15
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First blog post

Posted on 3 October 2012 by Matthew

Hello Everyone! Here is my first ever blog post so here goes… I managed to get my laptop talking with the wifi here 🙂 No fire alarms last night which was good, so I managed to get some undisturbed sleep. An eventful day so far: I had my first lecture thing in the morning at
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