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That's all folks – I've graduated!

Posted on 22 July 2014 by Madeleine

Not quite it on the blogging front (aren’t you all thrilled!), but this is my penultimate post as part of my time on the Insider team. This blog in particular for me, is perhaps one of the most important of them all. This scheme was created to give an insight into life at university –
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First Day on the Job

Posted on 30 June 2014 by Madeleine

A big hello from my new desk at my new job! Cardiff has well and truly been put to bed (until I return for graduation!) and it’s now time to play in the big kids playground. The inevitable struggle with my 6am alarm to commute to London wasn’t that warmly received, but having made it
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Packing up a student house…

Posted on 15 June 2014 by Madeleine

You’ve finished exams, coursework has been handed in and you’ve re-lived freshers week at the tail end of the year. All that’s left? The dreaded packing. You will have accumulated more than 1 car load of things throughout the year, your kitchen things will be broken, lost or not worth cleaning and your room needs
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What to take away from 'Assessment Centres'

Posted on 21 April 2014 by Madeleine

Easter Holidays are bitter sweet for students. If you’re in your first year it’s normally a great opportunity to go home, relax, rewind, be fed and pull yourself back together for the final semester. In the years after that, your guilty conscience will probably start to kick in if you have exams because you know
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A marathon or a sprint…

Posted on 31 March 2014 by Madeleine

Tomorrow is the first day of April. TOMORROW IS APRIL. How has this happened?! I swear it was the other week that I was celebrating the New Year and coming back to Uni for my final semester. Or Hong Kong… I left for Hong Kong nearly six weeks ago. In two months time I will
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Holiday Blues

Posted on 4 March 2014 by Madeleine

Personally, I think Alicia Keys got a bit confused when she sang about New York being a concrete jungle because that’s exactly how I would describe Hong Kong. Arriving for the first time, you’ll feel like a tiny little spec of dust in the middle of a dust ball. The skyscrapers are HUGE and I
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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted on 30 January 2014 by Madeleine

January has been perhaps one of the most exhausting months I’ve experienced in a long time.   My dissertation or ‘it’ as some knew it, was handed in on the January 6th. 18,500 words, 80 pages, countless hours in the library and that’s it, it’s gone. Of course nothing ever runs smoothly, so having arrived
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Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine…

Posted on 27 December 2013 by Madeleine

And it’s all over for another year! For all us sensible citizens who don’t succumb to the sale of Christmassy merchandise thrust upon us in September by supermarket stores, our 25 days of anticipating Christmas have come to a close. Soon it’ll be time to put the decorations back in the box and find hiding
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