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Dr Winfield Young and My Top 5 Part #1

Posted on 21 April 2013 by Lewys

So after 3 long weeks of waiting finals results finally came through this week, and the great news is I PASSED and I’m now officially Dr Winfield Young…. a scary thought I can tell you! And as if the week could not get any better to top it off  I also got my top choice
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The Final Countdown! 1st Video Blog!

Posted on 4 February 2013 by Lewys

The Final Countdown   Howdy Partners : Click on the link above to view my first ever video blog, a tour around my finals revision space! Don’t judge the dodgy hair! (My hair always looks great, as this picture proves!) Now I’ve shown you how I revise. Why don’t you show me yours with a
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Posted on 18 January 2013 by Lewys

Howdy Followers, Since the heavy snowfall of the 2010 winter we have only had a few light dustings  of snow here in South Wales, so yesterday when Derek (the Welsh weatherman) was forecasting up to a foot of snow to fall over night, I was more exited than a kid on Christmas eve. And that
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Christmas Antics

Posted on 2 January 2013 by Lewys

Good day every one . Happy New Year or as we say in Wales Blwyddyn Newydd Da to you all. I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and rang the New Year in Style. I though I would use this post to let you know what I have been up to over
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My First On Call as a Medical Student

Posted on 10 December 2012 by Lewys

Hi guys sorry I’ve been off the chart for the past few weeks. I’ve been crazily busy preparing for a Situational Judgment Test which all UK final year medical students now have to sit as part of the application process for our foundation year Doctor jobs. Preparing for that on top of normal training and
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Grumblings of a Welshman

Posted on 18 November 2012 by Lewys

With the clocks having gone back and the first frost on the ground Autumn is well and truly here. But that’s no reason to go into hibernation if you’re a Welshman, as November signals the start of  the autumn rugby internationals. Each  year Cardiff’ millennium Stadium hosts the rugby giants of the Southern Hemisphere over
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Ou est le Pamplemousse? Team GB' French Invasion

Posted on 29 October 2012 by Lewys

Friday 10pm It’s cold, dark and pouring with rain. It’s been a  long days traveling and now I’m running around the French Town of Nancy dressed in a lot of lycra, very lost and  looking for my Hotel. I stop to ask a passer-by for directions “excuse me do you know where… “Je ne comprende
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