I'm Johanna, a second year music student who plays the saxophone (when I actually get round to practising). I'm a big fan of rock, blues and contemporary classical music, although I enjoy most genres of music. Originally from Bridgend, I was brought up in Merthyr Tydfil and as a result I absolutely love going for long walks in the Welsh countryside in search of scenic views.

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My summer internship

Posted on 21 July 2017 by Johanna

The CUSEIP (Cardiff University Education Innovation Project) scheme is a new project similar to the CUROP (Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) scheme where students intern with lecturers on a chosen project for a few weeks over the summer. The idea is to get students and lecturers working together in a partnership and to contribute some
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Exams? Completed them mate.

Posted on 1 June 2017 by Johanna

For some reason exams this year turned out to be more stressful than last year’s exams, even though I am now far better at dealing with exam stress than I was in first year. My first exam wasn’t particularly difficult, but as it was a cross semester module there was a fair amount of info
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Music on Screen

Posted on 3 May 2017 by Johanna

Calling all film fanatics! The music department is running a Music on Screen series which is a fantastic series of films that are significant in the history of cinema. Some of these films are very difficult to find and therefore this is an ideal opportunity for avid film fans to see some rare cinematic gems. Last
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Easter holidays

Posted on 26 April 2017 by Johanna

Going home for Easter was an interesting experience this year. I am now sharing a bunk bed with my six-year-old sister, having swapped rooms with my nine-year-old brother. Trying to do readings for my modules and revise on the bottom of a bunk bed is difficult to say the least. Since the top bed is
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Why come to Wales?

Posted on 18 April 2017 by Johanna

Why study in Wales? I can’t understand why anyone would ever want to come here. There are so many stereotypes about Wales and they’re all true. Firstly, the sun never shines, look at how dull and lifeless that blossom tree looks with no sun behind it. And all the rain makes everything here look horrible
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The best way to get through deadlines? Get a puppy!

Posted on 8 April 2017 by Johanna

We all have our coping mechanisms to get us through assignment deadlines and exams. For the last two weeks mine has been William. No, William is not my boyfriend, he’s my Nan’s 10-week-old cockerpoo (cocker spaniel/poodle) puppy and he is so cute it’s almost obscene. She brought him home just after he hit the eight-week
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Blood Donation

Posted on 14 March 2017 by Johanna

Yesterday I went to a blood donation session at a local church. After my experience I feel the need to talk about this particular topic because blood donation is so important and not enough people participate. A nurse I spoke to claimed that only 3% of the population donate blood, which means that blood is
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(Mis)adventures in cooking

Posted on 28 February 2017 by Johanna

Learning to cook (or avoiding learning to cook) as a student is a very different experience for everyone, and how flatmates approach this can tell you a lot about the people you’re living with. For example, in my first year I lived with a girl who was capable of cooking full Sunday roasts and often
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First impressions

Posted on 9 February 2017 by Johanna

For my first blog post I decided to start at the beginning of my journey as a student in Cardiff University, to shed some light on what it’s like being a new student (and hopefully to make a few people laugh at how I handled the first few days.) The first week is mainly focused
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