I'm Jack, a second year physics student who loves quotes, computer games and spending far too much time contemplating the meaning of life. When I'm not completely consumed by these all this however, I also do normal things, like puppetry! (Oh wait...) I also know Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" off by heart and have scored 118/118 on the Sporcle periodic table quiz (and yes I really am THAT sad...)

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Posted on 1 June 2017 by Jack

  Kingswear Station – Devon (Summer 2016) You know, university has made me realise a lot of things I really wouldn’t have expected, for better or for worse. Perhaps the biggest shock though, is that it has made me realise that I’m actually going to find leaving halls almost as difficult as leaving home to
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7 – If I “May” summarise this month…

Posted on 26 May 2017 by Jack

OK, it’s been a while… I can only really apologise for that, I’ve just been so busy the past few weeks it has been totally impossible to get any kind of decent blog post written amongst all the exam stress and other stuff going on. As of my writing this though, I have officially finished
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The Struggle of Coming Home

Posted on 30 April 2017 by Jack

OK, this is a little bit of a weird one. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I’m not really sure exactly where it is I belong any more. Before you take this out of context though I feel like I should clarify a few things. Firstly this isn’t a complaint about university, nor
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Learning to improvise

Posted on 26 April 2017 by Jack

I was asked recently to sum up being a student here in three words. I doubt I’d be the first to admit that this wasn’t necessarily an easy task, but after much deliberation the words I came up with were “Learning to improvise.” Somewhat appropriate, I think, given the circumstances I was in at the
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Sink or Swim? The University Challenge

Posted on 30 March 2017 by Jack

Did you know that 70%  of Christians that go to university will no longer continue to attend church after just one year? I didn’t until last summer when I was at Soul Survivor (which because I’m assuming very few of you will be aware is essentially a Christian youth camp – Yes we really can
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Day 7 – The day I threw my plan out the window

Posted on 8 March 2017 by Jack

OK, so this probably needs a bit of context… Basically, it’s currently lent, the 40 something days between pancake day and easter sunday. Most of you are probably aware, but it’s pretty common for people to “give something up” during this time, the idea being to use the time saved to do something more productive.
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Impulse House

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Jack

I’ve just done something potentially very very stupid… So I have no idea how many of you are aware, but it’s gotten to that point in the year where people in first year have been thinking about the (mostly) inevitable move out of halls and into private accommodation, and with that comes no end of
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Welcome to my world

Posted on 6 February 2017 by Jack

Well hello there! If you’re reading this I suspect you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “Who is this guy, what is he doing here and why on earth did he take the time to memorise the entire periodic table song?” You probably won’t be all that pleased to hear therefore that I can
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