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Every cloud has a 'Varsity' lining…

Posted on 28 April 2013 by Freya

Hey peeps, just a short and sweet blog from me this week as I’m up to my eyeballs in work and a little sleep deprived! So I now have just 2 weeks until I hand in all my course work and dissertation, and 3 weeks and 2 days to go until I complete my last
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The race against time starts…

Posted on 22 April 2013 by Freya

Hello and welcome back to posts from the land of Wales! After 5 weeks, 4 countries, 6 flights, a trip to China and a weekend in London, I’ve managed to get myself back here to Cardiff to start the run up to exams, and enjoy the last month of my university experience! Last time I
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Back from China and back to reality!

Posted on 15 April 2013 by Freya

Hello from England this week, Since I last posted to you all I have finished off my Mandarin studies, sightseeing, Chinese food eating and have bid all my fellow ‘Study China’ programme buddies goodbye. I then embarked on a long and at times painful 36 hour journey home…more about that later, but first let me
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Qǐng Wèn?!

Posted on 7 April 2013 by Freya

Nimen hao once more from China! I now write to you tired and weary from my weekend trip to Suzhou (pronounced Sue-joe) and Shanghai. What two brilliant cities they are with so much to see, do and buy! I’ll tell you the story of that field trip after filling you in on the previous weeks
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When in China…

Posted on 1 April 2013 by Freya

Nimen Hao! (Hello everyone) How are you all? Again, I’m writing to you from sunny China at the moment as I’m still out here learning Mandarin, eating the weird and wonderful food, and attempting to soak up as much as the culture as is humanely possible! Firstly, apologies for not posting on time again! Not
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Hello from Nanjing!!

Posted on 27 March 2013 by Freya

A big hello from the East is coming your way this week as right now I’m sitting in my hotel room in the middle of Nanjing city, China! As I’ve told you all from around February time, I’ve been given a place on the ‘Study China Programme’ run by Manchester and various Chinese universities, whereby
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China is on the horizon

Posted on 10 February 2013 by Freya

Hey all, this week has been absolutely crazy as expected as it’s been the first week back since Christmas that everything has truly started back up again, but I’ve managed to find an hour today to tell you all about it. So at the end of last week I got an email from the University
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''Table'', women and..tables!

Posted on 3 February 2013 by Freya

Hey peeps, how are you all? This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about the new subjects I’ve started studying as the new term has officially started, as well as fill you on the crazy outfits I mentioned last week. So right now it’s the end of ‘week one’ and as I’m
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Start as you mean to go on…oh dear?

Posted on 6 January 2013 by Freya

We left off last at 2 days before the New Year rolled in and I was still unsure about what I was going to be doing. In the end, I didn’t do anything crazy, I stayed in, ordered a take away, popped open a bottle of wine, and spent the evening watching some great films
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