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Top City Study Spaces

Every student has their favourite study time, study buddy and study space. But where is the prime place to put your head down and churn out that essay?

Look no further, as I will be going through all the very best study spaces Cardiff has to offer in order for you to make the most out of your learning.

Arts and Social Studies Library (ASSL)

Cardiff’s biggest and most popular library, the ASSL has a huge amount of study spaces for group, quiet or silent study options. It is also the closest library to the Cathays area where most students live in their first and second years. Moreover, the ASSL is open 24-7 in term time so is the perfect option for those late night learners.

Bute Library

My personal favourite has to go to Bute Library. Also located close to Cathays and the main university campus buildings, this library is not only warm and cosy,  but is full of great study space options. You are often more likely to find a space in this library as it is much less busy than the ASSL.


Sometimes there is no better place to get in the zone than right there in your own student house. Although it is ridden with potential distractions, being locked away in your room with no one around to irritate you (noisy library eaters I’m talking to you) is sometimes the best way forward. Even better, you will have all your food and unlimited cups of tea right there at your disposal which is a pretty great perk.

A Café

Some people work better in a more bustling environment, which is why a café can sometimes be a great study space. Cardiff is not short of quaint café’s and you can check out my post here all about the best brunches in town to give you some inspo on finding your next favourite revision spot.

Main Building

Not only is it the University’s most beautiful and iconic building, but it is also a nice place to work through your impending deadlines. Home to the sciences, here you can find all your books on biosciences, chemistry, earth and ocean sciences.

Bute Park

I must add that this is only really an option on a nice, warm day which is most likely to be in the run up to your end of year exams. Doing this means you won’t have to compete for desk space in the library and can also top up your tan whilst revising at the same time. It’s a winner!

Students’ Union

Last but not least, night club by night, study space by day, the SU is a great place to work on group projects and revise with friends. There are plenty of comfy sofa chairs and booths to go round across its various floors, and a perfectly located food hall for you to top up your revision energy throughout the day.


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