Only in Cardiff, Why University?

Languages for All!

Okay, so today I am going to discuss something that Cardiff University offers that I did not know until third year, which thankfully was not too late!

Cardiff Universities modern school of languages offers all students FREE language courses alongside your studies. It does not matter what degree you’re are studying, you are still eligible to learn a language along the side.
Here are some reasons why this is an amazing opportunity that more students should know about:

1. The variety of languages offered: they offer a variety of different languages for you to learn. Some include, but are not limited to, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Welsh! There is a language to suit everybody’s interest.

2. The flexibility of the teaching: they can teach you your chosen language in many different ways. You can learn weekly alongside your degree, intensively in a crash course (so a shorter amount of time) or independently at home! So, if you think you don’t have time, languages for all offer timetables to suit everybody’s needs.

3. It can count towards your degree: each module (subject within your degree) is worth 10 points towards your final grade. Taking a language counts as a module which will go towards your final degree, despite not being the same subject! So, this is an amazing opportunity for students who want extra credit.

4. The different levels of teaching: when you apply for the language you want to learn, they offer different classes depending on your knowledge of the language. So, you can do a beginner’s class if you have no knowledge at all, or a higher graded class if you already have beginner’s knowledge, such as doing it for a GCSE or A-Level. It is completely up to you what level class you join.

5. Employability of knowing another language: knowing an additional language is a great skill when employers are looking at your experience. For example, it shows you are dedicated (as you have to put in the time to learn a new language). This is a great opportunity to build your C.V. up and make it as impressive as you can.

6. It is fun! Learning a new language can be so much fun and really exciting. Especially if you are learning a language of a place you visit often or go on holiday to.

I cannot believe I didn’t really know this was something I could do as a student at Cardiff University, but now I do I am so exciting to start learning a new language this semester. I have decided to take a beginner’s class in German, as it is somewhere I would be quite interested in moving to in the future! So, it couldn’t hurt to have some beginner’s knowledge in the language! I have decided to weekly classes alongside my learning as I have the time on the day the course was being offered. My friend decided to take Italian last year, and it turned out to be her highest grade, despite it not being her degree subject.

So, I would highly suggest you look into languages for all and consider learning a language yourself! There are so many benefits to doing it and it will be a new and exciting experience to add to your C.V.

If you would like to know how I am getting along with my new language, or just have any questions in general, do not hesitate to leave the comment down below!

To find out more, visit there website at:


  • Aya

    Hello Gee! Is this available for all students of Cardiff? I’m going to be an MA student. Please let me know.

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