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Cardiff Cafes

Ever since I came to Cardiff, I’ve become a big cafe hunter. I came from a very small town so there weren’t alot of independent cafes around so getting to have a variety to go to means that I really want to try them all! So since first year spring semester pretty much every Friday afternoon we’ve been going and getting a taste of Cardiff’s cafes. This year I’ve decided to document where we go, to give recommendations for fellow cafe hunters and to look back over all the good food I’ve had <3

1. Nata & Co.

The egg tarts surprised me in a good way! Before nata tarts I had only had Chinese Egg tarts and I’m surprised how different they were. Nata tarts were more crispy and burnt with the egg itself being creamier than I expected. They were very sweet so I’m glad I had some water on me.

2. The Early Bird

The Early Bird although a very small cafe, had a great vibe tucked in amongst all the student houses of Woodville Road. It was a nice getaway from the university buildings since it’s close to campus. I ordered the Green Eggs & Ham because I was curious how the had been inspired by the Dr. Seuss story! The dish was really tasty, with the saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the brioche balancing each other out while the spinach had a great pesto flavour to it and the egg was runny just the way I like it 🙂

3. Milk & Sugar

The green tea I had here was really good but honestly the Eggs Florentine was very average. The toast was quite dry but the eggs and spinach was cooked well at least.

4. Garlands

It’s never too late to have breakfast (I had this meal at 2pm in the afternoon). In my opinion breakfast food is the best food! Out of the 4 I’ve reviewed today I think the ambience of Garlands was definitely my favourite. Again small but the background music was all classic jazz which created a mellow atmosphere while we waited for our food. The Welsh veggie breakfast which I ordered was really good except the veggie pancakes which didn’t have much flavour but the rest of the breakfast was done well.


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