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The First Week of Final Year (or something cheesy like the beginning of the end)

Hi All!

Sorry about the late post, I thought I would wait until I had finished my first week of final year to write this one.

So final year has officially begun and I am terrified. Not only does this year count for so much, it’s also the year that I have to make some solid plans about what I want to do next. So far I’ve found myself spending hours scrolling through career pathway pages rather than doing reading. Great start to the year. Despite the fact that I have to make some pretty big decisions soon, I’m trying to ignore the uncertainty of my future that is currently looming over me, and just enjoy final year.

I thought I would give you guys an insight into what my first week has been like so far.

For the first time we are all attending modules that we have chosen. I wrote about the module choices a while back, you can see the post here if you want to read it.We already chose our final year modules several months back, but we can still change them up till the end of the second week of the semester. Meaning that you get the chance to try out the module before you commit, so this means loads of people are attending every lecture and stressing about which module to choose. I’m a bit unsure as to whether I should stick with the modules I chose or not. I picked Forensic Psychology: Violence and Crime, Neuroscience of Learning and Memory, Research Designs in Developmental Psychology, and Animal Learning and Cognition. I was pretty happy with my choices but I just found out that I will have to give a short presentation in one of the modules. Presentations are not my strength. So I’m currently debating changing from one of my modules to one of the other three available to me (Decision Making, Active Vision, and Psychotherapy). Despite my little wobble about dropping a module, I am loving the choices I made, it’s great to finally be able to focus on only the topics that interest you. I’m excited that we are finally doing a Forensic Psychology module!

As well as getting to explore our final year modules, we also met with our final year project supervisors this week. This is pretty scary as the final year project is by far the biggest thing we’ve had to tackle. It’s also pretty scary because a few pieces of final year project research actually get published, so it no longer feels like we’re just attempting to get good marks, we’re also really trying to produce sound and interesting research. Most people I have spoken to are really happy with their supervisor and their project, so everybody is pretty excited at the moment, despite only having one meeting. Soon we will meet with our supervisors again and begin to work on research proposals. My supervisor is Mark Good, and I’ll be looking at Animal Models of Down Syndrome. Which is very exciting. I’m currently reading through some papers he sent me before we have our next meeting.

I’m already feeling the stress of final year, but I’m looking forward to getting back into uni, and finally finishing my degree!

Please message me if have any questions about final year, Psychology at Cardiff, or just about Cardiff University in general 🙂


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