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Going to university this September part 2.

Taken from Cardiff chemistry Instagram

What to expect in Cardiff.

1. Big student family. The one thing I love about Cardiff is my family. By family I mean; friends, flatmates, course mates and other people surrounding me.

2. Friendly city. The biggest difference between Cardiff and my home city is the level of friendliness. In Cardiff people greet you all the time (not just in summer).

3. Busy night life. The weekend starts on Tuesday with Revs, by Friday most people are tired and cannot wait to relax. Well.. only for a few hours because predrinks starts at 8/9.

4. Frequent rugby matches. Before coming to Cardiff, I did not know much about rugby except the fact that it is a sport. In Cardiff rugby is famous. Expect to visit the millennium/ principality/ national stadium of Wales at least once during your stay.

5. Cheap costs. Cardiff is one of the cheapest cities for students to live in. Rent is fairly cheap (last year I paid £265 per month) and living costs are low. You can literally get by on £5 per week. A more realistic option would be £20 per week.

6. Trendy fashion styles. New look and Select fashion will be your best friend. Sales seem to happen all year round with the biggest of them being the student lock in. Careful, do not spend all your money yet… black Friday is around the corner and there will be more price slashes.

7. Staying at Talybont? Life is good here. McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch is a mystery and a home cooked meal for supper. By home cooked I mean lots of pasta, noodles, tomatoes and lasagne (ingredients all bought from Tesco extra at midnight).
Give yourself 25 minutes to get to main building and 40 minutes to Queens.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay in Cardiff.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


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