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My summer internship

The CUSEIP (Cardiff University Education Innovation Project) scheme is a new project similar to the CUROP (Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) scheme where students intern with lecturers on a chosen project for a few weeks over the summer. The idea is to get students and lecturers working together in a partnership and to contribute some valuable teaching resources to the university by the end of the project.

I’m interning with Chris, another student from my year, and together with Dr Gardner (one of our music lecturers) we will be creating instructional videos for two of the core modules in the second year of the undergrad degree. We’re in our third week, but with another one to go after this we’re determined to get as much done as we possibly can before August. It’s been an interesting few weeks; we did some filming outside and were rudely interrupted by a seagull, so I may have to create some kind of gag reel at the end of this project.

Our office is set up near Dr Gardner’s office which means we also get to use the staff room. Let me just say, as staff rooms go ours is pretty cool. They’ve got a special tap that pours hot water, so there’s no waiting around for the kettle to boil, just stick your mug under the tap and you’ve got a boiling hot cup of coffee! They also have a football table which I’m dying to use but I haven’t plucked up the courage to challenge anyone yet…

When it comes to filming we’ve got all the gadgets: we’ve got three cameras, lapel mics, and proper lights and will soon have a teleprompter. The problem with the lights is that anyone who sits under them immediately looks like their face has been laminated so this week I will have provided some makeup to matte mine and Dr Gardner’s face before going on camera! Let me just say that, if after I finish my degree I never do anything related to music ever again, the three years will have been worth it just for the sake of the internship.

More to follow soon….


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