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Tips for my Fresher Self

As mentioned, here is the second June video, in the Chiang Rai series…

Tips for my freshers self is the aim of this video. I’ve concentrated on three specific areas; picking halls, societies and life outside of the university bubble.

Hopefully you may find something useful in this video, even its one isolated comment. As you’ll hear, my choice of halls was a result of a stray review on a student forum from a couple of years back.

In short,if you can’t watch the video in full or you’re more interested in catching up on whatever love island is, I’ll say leave you with the advice that chatting to other students is key. If you know somebody who went to/ is at Cardiff, then get into contact with them. If you have scrolled through countless pages written by the university itself and you want to hear it from the mouths of those who actually live in halls or go out of a night or find the best value for money pub, then search student forums too. The university website and halls advice is brilliant, as is the case with most universities but the nitty gritty advice is best heard from the residents themselves. So, check out a bit of both, It’s great to get a balance

Any questions I’m happy to answer.



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