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How I’m spending my summer

I’ve been exam, assessment and uni-free since the 24th May, so for almost a month, which is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. It’s gone absurdly quickly, but luckily, there are still 105 days (I counted) until my lectures start back in the Autumn term, which is again, ridiculous.

I’m already missing walking through Cardiff city centre and visiting Coffi Co at the SU and sunny pub gardens, but I’ve got lots more to look forward to before I head back to the sunny ‘Diff!

My internship for one – I’ve been working full time for the past two weeks at a PR agency near me at home (near Southampton) which I’ve been really enjoying. It’s a small company so I’ve got thrown into a huge variety of different things which will be incredibly helpful for my future career, and I’ve now got a nice amount of contacts who can help me out after I graduate. Asides from this I’m also going to be using my summer productively by throwing myself into freelance social media and marketing, which is a nice little side hustle. In August I will also be doing a week’s work experience at a publishing agency learning about copywriting and proof-reading and the such, which will be useful skills to put on my LinkedIn… and it’ll rack up my Cardiff Award hours, of course!

I’m going to be focusing this summer on improving my fitness and health. I mean, I get by, but those boozy post-revision  evenings followed by huge amounts of curry chips definitely have left me a little more worse for wear. Next week I’m going to dance- fit and I’m also going to be starting a yoga course – and right now its 25-30 degree weather so absolutely PERFECT time to sweat it out with a nice walk or an early morning jog. Time to undo all the rubbish I put in my body during exams!

I have also started my very own blogclick here if you’re interested. I’ve been loving writing this blog for Cardiff Insiders but am loving the idea of having my very own platform where I could write about everything else not Cardiff / uni related. I’m really into astrology, self-development, self-love and body positivity at the moment so that’s what you’ll find over on that blog (shameless plug).

What else am I doing? Next Sunday (25th June) I am throwing myself out of a plane! I’ll be completing my very first charity tandem skydive! I’ve been wanting to do one since I went to Australia in 2015 but never got round to booking one until New Years Day this year when I decided to just do it and pay the deposit!  I’ll be plumeting down from 10,000 feet all in aid of Wave 105 Cash for Kids helping children in poverty in the South of England and I could not be more excited. I think it’ll be the perfect way to clear the cobwebs, get the adrenaline rush I so need and raise lots of money.

Choir is definitely on my list of things to throw myself into over the summer, as is writing and journalling. I’m joining a local choir that my sister attends, and have secured an audition for another choir in Southampton which does slightly different music. It’s my way of filling the gap that Blank Verse All Girl’s Choir has left in my heart since I’ve gone home for the holidays!

I’ll also be spending the summer doing some career prep – I’m thinking I’ll be using Skillshare and similar to learn some helpful skills for when I graduate, and I’ll also be researching grad jobs so I’m prepared when it gets to the mad rush in September and October. I’ll  be deciding which Skills Development Service courses I want to do in the Autumn term to help me complete the Cardiff Award by December. As well, I’m going to brush up my CV and cover letter technique so when I get thrown into the application processes I have at least something to fall back on.

What are you getting up to this summer? Let me know! xo


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