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Benefits of Being a Student

There are quite a few benefits that come with being a student. Ignoring the obvious stuff like getting to learn about something you love, more freedom, and meeting a lot of new people, there are a lot of other perks. I’m going to give you guys my top seven money saving student perks. These might be handy if you’re a new student currently preparing for September, or a current student hoping to save some money.

1. This is kinda obvious, but you can get A LOT of discounts with a student ID. All you need to do is flash your ID when you’re in certain shops. Topshop for example will give a 10% discount with a student ID.  Plenty of restaurants I’ve visited also give quite hefty discounts. Always keep an eye out.

2. Unidays. If you sign up to Unidays online you can get money off at even more places with the unique code you get for each store. My personal favourite is 25% of at Yo Sushi.

3. NUS. Getting an NUS card can give you even more perks. Again there are plenty of places that will give you a discount with a valid NUS card.

4. Amazon Student. Amazon Student is pretty much just Amazon Prime, but with 6 months free trial, and then £39 a month afterwards.

5. Student Bank Account. This is pretty obvious, but you can get plenty of different perks depending on which bank you open your student account with. If you plan on living far away from home, Santander might be a good bank to check out, as they often give a free rail card as a perk. This can save you load in the long run.

6. You also shouldn’t forget that having a student ID will usually allow you cheaper entry to loads of different places. I’ve gotten into Museums, Art Galleries, Theme Parks, Zoos, and loads of different tourist attractions at a discounted rate with my student card.

7. Apple also tend to have frequent deals for students. I know a lot of people who bought Macbooks for first year, and a pretty good price. So check this out too.


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