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What I’m Going to Miss about Living in Halls

1. My Tiny Box Room

I remember walking into my room and dreading having to be in this small room for my 1st year. Even my first night’s sleep was terrible, I woke up the next morning with bad back pain. However after 10 months, I think I’m actually going to miss the cosy room that I had. For most it was my first room away from home, the corridor where I met the blockmates who would become ‘my squad’, and the perfect location for cramped movie nights and even more cramped pre drinks.

2. The Cleaner

Moving away from halls means I’m going to have to actually clean things up otherwise they will be left there forever. My first year kitchen was an absolute state with bin bags and shopping baskets full of dirty plates everywhere but at least I could rely on the cleaner to save my kitchen. She was literally our flat’s fairy godmother! Even after all the notices about being charged for the mess, we never were (thank god). I bet when September roles around and I’m already arguing with my housemates about who’s mess is in the living room, I’ll be wishing for my fairy godmother again!

3. Living with so many people

Just being seconds away from people meant you never felt lonely in halls. I would just knock on someone’s door and we’d end up in their room for hours just chatting and watching TV. It’s unlikely I’ll ever live with 30 people (10/flat) all under the same roof.

The flat plus a few guests 🙂

4. Not Having to Pay Bills

Even just sorting out bills before moving into the house has been stressful, so I’m not looking forward to having to make sure everyone’s paying their bills. Living in halls allows you to not have to worry about bills, you’re able to use electricity and water how and whenever you like. Leaving halls means saying bye to long, warm showers and heated rooms and hello to extra layers of clothing and allocating bathroom slots for each housemate. As you move out of halls and into student housing, its time to focus on how you spend your money, the cruel choice between affording a night out or affording the heating.

5. Being a Fresher

Saying farewell to halls of residence means I’ve also said goodbye to being a fresher. Can’t believe in September, I’ll be a 2nd year :O *shivers* Although moving up in the University hierarchy and sharing a house with my friends is extremely exciting, the prospect of gaining more responsibility and my 2nd year actually counting is not. I don’t want to grow up </3

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