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Two weeks two days and counting…

Today marks the beginning of exam season. It has begun. I’ve only actually got 2 weeks and 2 days left of exams – but five exams within that. I had my first exam today. Think it went OK…

In Business Management most people will have six exams in May – the coursework is dispersed from November to January. It’s a brilliant course if you favour exams, but if you like coursework heavy subjects, just remember that exams are more heavily weighted in this course than coursework. I would ADORE a coursework only subject, but however, I’ll persevere with Business management because I actually, somehow, do alright in exams.

These are the exams I have:

  • Marketing Strategy (complete)
  • Buyer Behaviour (10th may)
  • Operations Management (17th may)
  • Performance and Financial Management (19th May)
  • Organisational Behaviour (22nd May)
  • Marketing Research (24th May)

All of our exams in second year are two hours long (an improvement on the 3 hour exams we had last year, trust me!) and are worth 50% or 60% of the entire module.

I’m struggling, I have to be honest. I’m finding it hard to settle down to revision when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the 24th May. And doesn’t it feel like everything comes along at once during exam period? Since May begun I’ve had an amazing business idea which I’m going to be developing over the summer (very exciting), I’ve discovered the world of journalling and self development which has lead to be reading far too many non-exam related books, I’ve had a health problem which I had to wait at the doctors for for TWO HOURS… It’s all go go go in May.

Not only do I have all these distractions, the worst part is that none of my house mates do Business related courses. One housemate does Journalism and she is completely finished for the year, she’s submitted all her coursework and has no exams. One does Sociology and Criminology and only has one exam this term. One does Maths but his exams are a lot later than mine are. The other two do Architecture and they had one exam last week, but their main year’s project was finished before Easter.

This means we’re all at different stages with our assessments. While I’m in intense revision mode, library five hours a day, the others are taking it easy. But on the flipside, when they were all busy, I was chilling in bed watching Netflix. I love living with people from loads of different interesting courses but it’s annoying how vastly different the methods of assessment can be.

One thing that’s getting me through is writing a list of what I will do the 24th of May and onwards once I have finished my exams. The list is currently as follows:

  • I will be going on a massive cocktail crawl on the day of my final exam
  • I get to go home for a weekend after that to help plan for my best friend’s wedding
  • We are hosting our final years house party – Anything But Clothes theme…
  • I will be starting my PR internship on the 5th June
  • I can binge-watch Orange is the New Black series 5. If you know, you know
Just gotta get through five more exams.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your exams if you have any!
All my best,



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