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Things to do at University that will boost your CV!

So during this time of the year, everyone has their heads down revising and there’s been a lot of revision posts lately so I’d thought I’d do one on careers and work experience instead! I am a very keen person when it comes to getting involved in school and now in university. Throughout my 1st year, my friends have always been surprised by the amount I do outside of lectures that will help boost my employability skills. I don’t believe you should think of work experience as just boosting your career prospects, I find it helps with general life skills as well such as understanding how to work with different types of people, being able to manage multiples tasks at the same time etc.

1. Cardiff Careers Account

When you enrol to the university, you will be able to access your own careers account using your Student Number and password. On there are upcoming Skills Development Service lessons which are very useful in helping you through your time here at university, for example there is a time-managing workshop, social media marketing workshop, exam stress workshop etc. Moreover there’s a Jobs Board mainly aimed at 3rd years looking for jobs however it can also be useful if you want to get a head start at university in 1st year as you can apply for In-school paid/unpaid internships and paid/unpaid work insights, where you work for an organisation part time. For example I am currently working as Social Media Insight at Cardiff Women’s Aid.

2. Within the Subject School

Student Ambassador: Student Ambassadors is a paid opportunity where you provide information regarding your own degree programme to prospective students and their parents. We work with academic staff and other members of the school at a variety of on-campus events, mostly Open Days. We also do telephone campaigning where we call up students who have applied to Cardiff and help give advice on choosing their firm and insurance universities.

Student Staff Panel Chair/Secretary: The SSP is run by students however staff from the school also attend and issues to do with the module structure, lectures, assessment are brought up and discussed between everyone. Not only are the students able to give their input on upcoming course changes, but staff also are able to understand the issues that students face and how they can help combat them e.g. Learning Central. In the SSP, there is a student Chair who is in charge of organising the meetings which happen 4/5 times a year and the Secretary who takes the minutes of the meeting.

3. Wellbeing Champion

Wellbeing Champions participate in events and campaigns organised by the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service, such as Open Days, ‘Mind Your Head’ Week, ‘Sexual Health Awareness’ Week, etc. We also help fellow students by educating and giving advice for their own wellbeing issues and signposting students to support services both within the University and in the local community.

4. Student Mentor

Before you arrive at Cardiff, you will most likely be assigned a Student Mentor, someone who is in 2nd or 3rd year who will guide you through your first term at university and answer queries on anything from social life to housing to coursework. By becoming a Student Mentor, students are given the chance to improve their employability skills through guiding others.

5. Insiders 

Lastly and probably most obviously is The Insiders! We are a team of students from a range of subjects who blog about what it’s like to be a student here in Cardiff to give prospective students a taste of what it’s like to study here. Its a great way to give back to students who are preparing for university and want to get the inside information on Cardiff University 🙂

So those are a few things that I’ve done during 1st year that might encourage you to get involved and give back to Cardiff and the University 😀

Till the next post!



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