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What to ask on a University Open Day?

So tomorrow is the Cardiff University Open Day! I remember this time last year where I was going to Open Days and I feel like they really give you an insight and character of the university. I found when reading prospectus’ it is hard to differentiate the universities from one another and figure out whether the university is going to suit you. Open Days give you a ‘feel’ for not only university academically, but also socially. So I’m going to give you a few tips on what to do on an Open Day so that you can get the most out of it 🙂

Course Questions

– What grades do you need, and can you still get a place if you don’t quite get the grades?

– What do they look for in your application and personal statement?

– How many hours a week will I be in timetabled teaching?

–  Can they recommend any reading or activities to prepare for the degree?

Accommodation Questions

– Is a place in university accommodation guaranteed, even if you put the university as your insurance? What accommodation is available off-campus?

– What’s included in the cost of the accommodation?

– How far will you have to travel to get into uni and around town? Should you bring a car?

– How safe is it at the accommodations?

Finance Questions

– How much money will you need to survive?

– To what extent will you need / be able to find part-time work?

– What bursaries, scholarships are there and how do you apply?

Questions to Ask Current Students

– Which accommodations do you think are the best/worst?

– What is first year like, socially and academically?

– How would you prepare for university?

– What societies are worth joining?

I hope you prospective students will find the Open Days helpful and if you’re coming to the Cardiff Open Day then I will be helping out around the university through social media (Instagram: @cardiffuniug & Snapchat: @Cardiffuni so follow the accounts to see whats going to be happening throughout the Open Day and if you see me around come say hi and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions 🙂

Till the next post!



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