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Choosing Modules

Hi Guys!

I’m currently attempting to select my modules for final year. Exciting!
I thought I might go through a bit of the process with you guys, in case there are any first or second year students wanting to know a little more, or if any future undergrads are wondering how the course works.

Final year consists of one ‘Final Year Project’ and 80-credits-worth of modules. Unlike the other years, you get to pick your modules for final year. Most modules are worth 10 credits, this year only one was worth 20. Some of the modules are for Semester 1 and some are for Semester 2.

You can do more in Semester 1 than Semester 2, and vise versa. But I decided to split it evenly, and I didn’t fancy the 20 credit module, so I picked 4 modules for Semester 1 and 4 modules for Semester 2. Some of the modules are exam based and some are coursework based (definately picked a few of the coursework based ones because I am terrible at exams!). People pick modules based on a variety of different criteria. Some people pick based on their interests, some pick based on the career they hope to pursue, some pick the less popular ones as they prefer smaller lectures, some pick them based on whether they are exam or coursework based, and some people pick based on the lecturers teaching that module. As I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after University yet, I decided to pick based on the ones that sounded most interesting to me. I’m quite excited by this, although it’s also very terrifying- if I don’t like the module, I only have myself to blame for choosing it!

This year the possible modules were:

Semester 1

Forensic Psychology: Violence and Crime
Theories and Systems of Psychotherapy
Animal Learning and Cognition
Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
Decision Making
Active Vision
Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

Semester 2

Human Factors Psychology
Memory Processes and Memory Disorders
Behavioural Genetics
The Psychology of Speech and Language
Attitudes and Attitude Change
Developmental Psychopathology in Children
Environmental Psychology
Emotion: Social and Neuroscience Perspectives 

When it comes to deciding you will obviously get to read more about the modules! I’ve put the ones that I picked in bold, just in case any of you have any questions about those specific modules 🙂

If any of you have any questions about the process please message me, I would be happy to explain it to you in more detail!


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