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Studying at Cardiff University after A levels

Just over two years ago, I was preparing to sit my A2 exams. I was optimistic and full of hope that I would go to a top 4 university. I could not imagine otherwise, it’s not like I’d failed an exam before. Unfortunately, life was not that simple, I did not get into my chosen firm university. I was terribly disappointed. It felt like that was the end for me. I thought my future was bleak.

Coming to Cardiff as a disappointed and disheartened student was not easy. I wanted to live in my own shell, in my own little bubble where no one could judge me for not excelling, I stopped trying to excel in academics. I stopped wanting to be the best. Simply put, I stopped caring. I remember going to my first lecture thinking “I’m already learning, what! It is too soon”. It just thought I could not “do it anymore”. I could not study or pass any class tests. I was not motivated to do any work at all.

As time went by, I began visiting different places around Cardiff and started to see the beauty of living there. For example, sometimes I would for a walk around Bute park or go cycling on the Taff trail. My heart began to open up a bit more and I found myself enjoying staying in Cardiff. That was not all, the people were very friendly and extremely helpful. There was and still is so much positive energy in Cardiff. The kind of energy that fills you with desire to do more for yourself and others. I think what is most helpful currently is, the way my department CHEMISTRY handles students. There isn’t a hierarchy system based on, how rich you are or what kind of grades you get. Everyone is valued and respected. The course is fixed and tailored to help students develop their knowledge. It is not just about helping people get a good degree. It is about helping us understand what we are learning and helping us know how to use that knowledge in the future regardless of what career path we choose.

I am extremely grateful for studying chemistry here. A lot of people, lecturers and students included always go out of their way to accommodate others. I think I have found my new extended family here, my new home. 🙂


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