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Cardiff University Student Media Promo (Xpress Radio)


The first of my two April posts is as follows: a quick insight into the ease with which you can integrate into Cardiff University Radio Society & all the opportunities/ rootin’ tootin’ fun that comes with it…

There are captions in this video (wow slow down Joe) where you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as it looks, requires no past radio experience and can lead to both opportunities post University and a chance to get stuck in with radio run festivals and sports coverage!

As per, I can’t cover everything, I just want  to give you a slice of life intro into student radio and from here you can find out more yourself by clicking on the following link! (Its the Cardiff University Xpress Radio Facebook Page):

If you’re coming to Cardiff in September or you’re already an existing student and fancy trying something new, or have a real interest in radio, then information regarding sign ups will be coming along shortly.






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