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The best way to get through deadlines? Get a puppy!

We all have our coping mechanisms to get us through assignment deadlines and exams. For the last two weeks mine has been William. No, William is not my boyfriend, he’s my Nan’s 10-week-old cockerpoo (cocker spaniel/poodle) puppy and he is so cute it’s almost obscene.

She brought him home just after he hit the eight-week mark, so he was a bit smaller than he is now, and spent more time asleep than he did awake. It was almost exactly like having a human baby in the family except that William was a lot quieter, and more fun while he was awake. I got to see him the first weekend my Nan had him and then had to come back to Cardiff for a fortnight. Since this was the last two weeks of the semester I promised myself that once I had wrapped up all my assignments I would come back on the last Friday of the term and spend a few hours with William as my reward.

Being two weeks older, William is now a bit bigger and a lot more energetic. And he chews everything. Shoelaces, scarves, straps on backpacks, fingers, toes, basically anything he can get his mouth around. It doesn’t really hurt at the moment because he’s still so small, but my Nan is trying to teach him not to chew on anything except his toys because as he gets bigger chewing on fingers will not be so ticklish for his unwitting victims.

He’s also a big fan of playing with the plastic in my Nan’s recycling bag, chasing my little sister, and sleeping. When my Nan first bought him he was lovely because I could sit on the sofa with him fast asleep on my shoulder and he would sleep for ages while everyone cooed over him. Now that he has his own basket he loves sleeping stretched out on his back, bearing his bits for all and sundry to see. Hopefully, from this description, it’s obvious that this 10-week-old ball of fluff has a huge personality already, which is only going to get bigger as he grows (and we’re all obsessed with him, he’s so cute!!)


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