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Societies, Revision and Nights Out, oh my!

Hi all,

I feel like it’s been the LONGEST time since I last posted. Part of that is because I’ve been so busy this last month or so! I’m just going to take this opportunity to blog about what’s been going on in the Life of Chloe over the past few weeks – just so you can get an insight into how manic uni life really can be!

  1. As some of you may know, I am a member of Blank Verse All Girls’ Choir. These past few weeks have been manic in choir as we’ve been running socials, and preparing for both our Spring Concert (in association with the Male Voice Choir, if you’re interested!) and our slot at the SU’s Variety Performance too! Choir has been one of my favourite hobbies this year and I have put in my application to be next year’s Social Secretary for a second year running – so here’s hoping I get to join the committee of amazing girls yet again next year!
  2. I’m very much caught up in the stresses of applying for summer internships. Roles I applied for back in November/December and are still interviewing – it’s a long, tedious process! I’ve had a couple of interviews in the last few weeks and have managed to secure a final-stage interview for a few days time… so I’ll be keeping you all updated with how my plans for the summer are shaping up.
  3. Good news – assignments are over for the year! All the coursework has been handed in and we are slowly being released our grades for each essay, and it’s all looking good so far! Bad news – this means exam period is just around the corner! Exams are in May but realistically – there’s only around 7 weeks until exams begin. The last three weeks of lectures before Easter are going to be spent manically catching up with content, attending revision sessions, and starting the cue card creation process all over again.
  4. In an attempt to ‘do’ more things in our spare time, my housemates and I created a list of places we’d like to go in Cardiff before we graduate. As such, we went to the Welsh Nightclub for the first time, took part in our very first Pub Golf, went to a LGBT club, visited the museum, and went to the comedy night in Cardiff Bay. Hoorah for culture! Our theory is third year is going to be a lot busier – so we’re taking this opportunity to do as much fun stuff as we can in second year.
  5. There are so many exciting things going on the next few months, exams aside! We have an under the sea house party on the horizon, my ticket for the Societies Ball is booked and I’m looking forward to my very first Varsity in just a few weeks time. I’m looking forward to filling my social calender as much as possible these next few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me in this post. I’ll be back before the end of March talking about placements, work experience and insights, so stay tuned for that!

Chloe xx


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