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Vlog #2 // Give it a Go // Promotional Video

A quick video covering two Give it a Go events that Cardiff University has put on recently. This is just one from a series dedicated to Give it a Go…

The featured events this time include Flat mate speed dating and the Brecon Waterfall walk. For those who are unfamiliar with the former, it is a sure fire way to broaden your options when it comes to finding a group to rent a house with if you’re currently a ittle stuck! I picked this one because although it may not pack the glitz of the upcoming ‘Take me Out Night’ or the ‘Bubble Football’, it does show just how easily a student can address problems as big as finding that perfect housemate.

So without wanting to warble on, I just wanted to say that it really is as simple as that guys. The link to find out more is as follows (and believe me, there’s plenty more)

The Give it a Go team are preparing for trips to Oxford, Brighton and Dublin to name a few and as I’ve shown in the video, there are both recreational and incredibly profitable events on offer, every week!


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