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A beginner’s guide to Korean historical dramas.

Before moving to Cardiff, I thought I was one of the very few people that watched Korean dramas and loved them.  This was because I had not come across anyone that watched them. When I moved to Cardiff, my housemates thought I was strange because, my social life was watching Korean dramas. Well I watch telenovelas, Bollywood and Filipino soaps too.  A few weeks later, I told one of my course mates about my obsession with Korean dramas. Guess what? She watched them too! I could not believe it. That was the first time I met someone that watched kdramas. I eventually started staying with her and five other girls. They too watch Korean dramas.

I now realise how big Korean dramas are and how important they are in terms of bringing people together, broadening romantic expectations and igniting a blazing desire to go on a pilgrimage to South Korea.

Here is Unnie’s Top 5 Korean historical dramas.

1.       Jewel in the palace

This is an old time classic and one of the first Korean dramas to be a hit around the world. It covers the life of Jang Geum, an orphan who becomes a palace kitchen maid after her mother’s death. Due to strife and plots against her, she has to leave but eventually returns to the palace as a physician. I recommend watching this if you enjoy watching long series that take you on a roller coaster ride.

taken from dramafever.

2.       Dong Yi

Dong yi is based in the Joseon era like Jewel in the palace. She too is an orphan but the difference is she works in the bureau of music. Due to her quick wits, caring nature and innocence, she catches the king’s attention and eventually becomes his concubine. This is a very nice drama if you do not want to cry as much. It is gentle, funny and very interesting. It is based on the life of Choi Suk-bin the mother of Yi-San who is recognised as having brilliant political strategies during his reign.

taken from

3.       The Moon that Embraces the Sun

This one is fictional but is such a good drama. The costumes are amazing and the actors are “flipping amazing” and “flipping handsome” too. I will not tell you the synopsis. That will ruin it for you.  All I can say is it is super romantic. I asked my friend what she thinks of the moon that embraces the sun. She said it is “very emotional, sick, just one of those you cannot describe”. I guess you must watch it to find out.

taken from

4.       The Princess’ man

This is loosely based on the forbidden relationship between King Senjo’s daughter and the son of his enemy Kim Jong-seo. It is kind of like Romeo and Juliet just more action involved such as sword fights, kidnapping and treason. They do get a happy ending though. Here is one of the songs that is played in the drama.

5.       Empress Ki

Okay I am not even going to dare. Just watch the video below and see if you love it.

The dramas below are also amazing. There is so much to choose from. Take a pick.

1.       Jang OK Jung living by love

2.       Jumong

3.       Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

4.       The scholar who walks the night

5.       Six flying dragons


Thank you for reading my blog. Please let me know what you think of the dramas in the comments section.  🙂


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