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How to travel around the world for FREE! Cardiff Students

Hello, My name is Nancy, this is my first blog. Hope you enjoy it.

In life, we have three types of travellers.
• The ones who can afford spontaneous trips anytime.
• The ones who spend months/ years working to save for a holiday.
• The ones who never have enough money but are travel hungry (eh em students).
Do you fall in any of those categories and wondering how to cut costs or better yet, travel for free? Well, worry not, here is list of ways you can travel around the world for free or at a very low cost.
1. Apply for a bursary from Global Opportunities.
Global opportunities provide bursaries for students to study, volunteer or work abroad.
This time last year, I had just purchased my flight tickets to go to Hong Kong for a study programme. Global opportunities awarded me with £1000 towards my programme fees. In addition to that, Santander via global opportunities, gave me a grant of £500.
Tasty? Global opportunities provide bursaries ranging from £300 to £3000 depending on what you want to do. Your choice. Here is the link to the intranet page. You are spoilt with lots of variety.

I recommend doing this as it is a great opportunity not to miss. While I was in Hong Kong, I also had the privilege of traveling to South Korea because the tickets were relatively cheap. Any K-drama fans here?

Hong Kong

2. Learn a new language.
Languages for all have a wide range of languages that you can learn for free. Languages include, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Mandarin.
With Mandarin for example, Confucius institute (Cardiff has its own Confucius institute base) provides scholarships for students to go to China and learn Mandarin from 4 weeks to 1 year.
What’s the catch? Have a good grade in HSK2 for the 4-week scholarship and HSK3 for the year scholarship. Not much right? Considering accommodation, food and tuition fees are paid for. All you need to think about are flights which cost on average £450 – £600 for a return.

3. Apply for an internship
This can be done via global opportunities or web based opportunities. Internships are a must do when thinking about career prospects while wanting to have fun.
For example, with the Namibia – Phoenix Project Research Internship, flights are covered by phoenix project. Accommodation is covered by University of Namibia and Global opportunities provides a whopping £1000 bursary.
Tempting? Go for it!

4. Register with jobshop.
Even though this is not necessarily free, it is still a great way to fund your trip abroad. Our University’s jobshop has many job opportunities that cannot be missed. If you are struggling for cash or simply trying to save for a holiday, registering with jobshop is the way forward.
Simply fill out a form online, go to the office in the student’s union and complete your registration. Did I mention it is FREE? After that, job notifications are sent straight to your email and there comes your holiday money.

There are other ways you can travel around the world for free. British council provide various scholarships and other volunteering companies such as International Citizen Service help cover the costs of your trip abroad.

Did that make you feel travel hungry? Start applying today.


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