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New Years Resolutions

1. I think I am a strong contender for Queen of the panickers. I panic too much, everything worries me. I spend several hours a day playing out the many different paths I could take after my degree, worrying about how well I will do in each exam and piece of coursework, getting distressed because I’m worried I’ll pick the wrong area of Psychology to go into. BUT THIS YEAR…I will probably do all that again. But I’ll try not to panic about panicking. I need to keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to freak out at this point in my life. Soon I will have to be an actual adult and make adult decisions, instead of staying in the weird limbo that is Universtiy.  It’s fine that I get anxious about exams and coursework, it would probably be more worrying if I didn’t. As paradoxical as it sounds, I think I need to relax about stressing out. It’s normal, it’s fine, most people my age are probably also having periodic freak outs about their future.

2. I am going to attempt to settle on some kind of career path next year. The large variety of modules and experience available to me, as well as my placement have sort of thrown me into a bit of disarray. I don’t think this is really essential but I would really like to set my sights on something early next year. This will give me time to think about what I want to do after University, and which modules I should be choosing.

3. This is a classic new years resolution but still…I think being well rested and eating healthily probably goes a long way when you’re trying to revise. I’ve tried the staying up till 4am, eating kit kats and soup I’ve microwaved in the SU kitchen, and I don’t think it works. Next year I’m going try getting up early, going for a jog, and then starting my work. I managed this for around a month last year, and I definetely felt like I was getting a lot more work done. Jogging really helped wake me up, and I was starting my work so much earlier, so I didn’t have to keep working through to the early hours of the morning to get it all done!

4. This kind of ties into the second point. But when I have kind of decided on some kind of path to take  in terms of Psychology. I want to get as much experience in it as I can, volunteering and reading as much as possible. I go on and on in pretty much every other post how important experience is, so I will keep this short. I want to make sure I gain as much knowledge and experience as possible so that first of all, my CV is more impressive, and second of all, so that I go into my first job knowing what I’m doing! Nothing is worse than feeling under qualified or unneeded, so I’m hoping experience will prevent that (at least to some degree)!

Having said all this, I’m  now going to watch some terrible Christmas TV, eat a lot of cheese, and deal with all of this in the New Year!


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